Advance Excel and PowerPoint for banking Professional

Course Brief

The program is designed for those young minds who want to work in back-end process of banking services, banking staff and managers. It teaches all shortcut methods of MS Excel so that banking related calculation work takes fast and easily. Operating and manage bank account data is done smartly by people with knowledge of Excel.The program covers knowledge of PowerPoint and its usage in the banking sector and other financial institutions. Insert table, move to next cell, insert rows, delete row, delete column, merge cells and split cells related important topics are taught under the course. It is a job oriented program to join to every individual who want to make their career in banking and financial institutions. The course can be joined by bank executives and financial advisors too for extra knowledge and technical skill development.

Course Subject

  • Excel Basics
  • Advance Excel
  • Designing Presentation
  • Animations


  • Course Code : ABF3MEP
  • Duration : 90 Days
  • Eligibility : 12th
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